Say no to Paper

Conduct paper-less meetings! Imagine how much paper is wasted at our work, church, Diocesan meetings. We can definately reduce significantly or aim to go completely paperless.

Make sure meeting participants have electronic access to all the materials beforehand – encourage those using computers not to print out copies. If you must supply additional materials at the meeting, make copies “as needed” rather than in large batches at one time.

Reduce unwanted mail to your office Contact mail senders to take your company’s name off their mailing lists, or mark “Refused, Return to Sender.”

For country specific way to reduce unsolicited mail, type « unsolicited mail » into a Google search.

If it is inappropriate to communicate a message by e mail, instead of making a copy for each person, route one copy around the office.

Reuse envelopes by using a sticky label for the new address