Pula! Rain!

Pula! – Kgowe Moleme greeted the crowd of about 900 people gathered for the Annual Diocesan Family day of the Diocese of Matlosane.

“Pula” is a Setswana word which is used to mean both  “rain” and to wish others well. The Setswana word pula means rain, a rarity in our semi arid climate. It is therefore no wonder that pula is the word that is used by Batswana to wish others well – good life and health follow the rain

Kgowe is one of the Green Anglican “movers and shakers” and had been invited to speak on the theme of Climate Change.

What are the Green Anglican ?

Green Anglican is a movement that is raising awareness about the environmental issues that we are facing these days.

Growing up people called themselves Machache a manchonyana, Jaanong we must call our self machache a matalanyana.

Global warming- the earth is warming due to Carbon pollution which people pump into the air due to fossil fuels. Burning petrol, coal, electricity – which is made from burning coal, is forming a blanket around the earth

Challenges Caused by climate change

  1. Drought/komelelo/leuba/lesekere

  growing up people used greet Pula!!! The respond then Be Aene!!!

These days the greeting has changed Too Pula !!! Haeyo.  

The is drought in our country and neighbouring countries.

Otlhoboge o bona le Kolobe e bopame.

In the diocese of Namibia they have a severe drought.  Fr Lazarus Ngube’s brother died digging a well because the was no water for them and the animals to drink, they were buried alive.

Scientist says in few years to come the will be less drinking waters for us and our animals. Tshaba bogale jobo tlang.

  • Floods/morwalela

Because the oceans are warming there is more evaporation and it causes excessiv, rainfall that causes floods and hurricanes you remember Huriccane Dineo,and recently hurricane IDAI that caused floods in Mozambique and KZN.

What can we do to help in preventing this?

Isaac Newton in his third law of motion state that for every action the is equal but opposite reaction.

We need to learn more about what causes Global warming and act.


  1. Stop littering- the rubbish that we litter will end up in the oceans and rivers. How do we feel when we see a cow eating plastic?
  2. RRR- Reuse,Reduce Recycle.
  3. Use electricity wisely –that electricity is generated by coal and is hurting the environment and making people sick from air pollution
  4. Stop buying plastic bags and  bring your own bag or use  paper bags.
  5. Stop using plastic straws- ask yourself where is it going after you use once.
  6. Stop using Styrofoam cups and  glasses and plates(di gooi veg)
  7. Plant and Grow trees- people these days plant trees but don’t grow them plant and take care of that tree.

In closing I quote Psalm 24:1 in Setswana Lefatshe kela Morena le tsotlhe tsedi mogo lone, LeFatshe le baba agileng mogo lone,Gonne ole theile mo mawatleng ale tlhomamisa modinokeng. Amen. The Earth is the Lord’s


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