Power Down!

They planted a pine and the rain made it grow. It serves as fuel for people. They take some of it and warms themselves, also they kindle a fire and bake bread.

Isaiah 44:14-15

How can we reduce our carbon emissions with our household gadgets?

Water heater/geyser
This is one of the largest uses of electricity in the home. There are several things we can do to reduce electricity use:

  1. A short shower instead of bathing. The less hot water you use the less energy you need (double saving as your water bill will be less).
  2. Install a timer so that you only heat up water just before you need it
  3. Turn off the geyser completely when you go away.
  4. Put on a blanket for insulation
  5. Turn down the temperature on the water heater.

Washing machine

  1. 1.Run a full load. But don’t over fill as the clothes need to move around else they wont get cleaned properly
  2. Use cold water – imagine how much you save by washing at 60°C (instead of 90°C)
  3. Use the soak facility rather than pre-wash. Soak facility gets rid of those stubborn dirts without using any electricity!
  4. Air dry your clothes or use a rack. Tumble dryers use a huge amount of electricity
  5. Iron a big batch of clothes in one time. Don’t switch on iron just to do a shirt – do a whole load in one go
  6. Use boiled water in your iron – this will reduce build-up of sediment and keep your iron efficient.

Heating /aircon
Get used to just being a little warmer or cooler – put on sweaters instead of turning up the heat immediately.

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