Pentecost Environmental Meditative Walk

Pentecost Environmental Meditative Walk


On Pentecost and world Environment Day; St Paul’s gathered at the Medwood gardens a park behind the church which used to belong  to the church before the  city council opened it up to the public. Twenty minutes before the service  we started the meditative prayer and walk while enjoying the beautiful garden. As people were silently praying some had posters which shared information about environmental issues and ways of reducing pollution, these were later hung inside the church for people to reflect on as they walked towards the altar to receive communion.

The three Priests present all robed in red and white led the procession that walked around the park and later into the church as the organ played. Congregants were encouraged to walk in pairs silently admiring the wind hitting their skin, sky above their heads, soil beneath their feet and many beautiful sceneries. The preacher for the day Revd. Bruce Woolley shared how we are to take care of God’s creation as part of our stewardship, He furthered shared his belief that the air God breath us into existence with was he Holy Spirit. As we continued to celebration the Holy Spirit one could not help but be mindful of what was shared and how we each depend on the environment.

Story and pictures Mandisa Gumada


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