A Merry Christmas and news from 2021

Happy Christmas!

We would like to share with you our news from 2021 and wish you the blessing of Christ

Annual report : 


A Christmas prayer by David Giuliano!
O Mystery as grand as the universe
O Mighty Force of all creation,
O Power beyond all our power,
You have come to us as an infant.
Vulnerable, fragile, beautiful.
You have come to us
in the midst of poverty,
powerlessness and longing.
Come again, O Promiser of Peace.
Be born again in the camps.
Be born again in stables and homes.
Be born again in many cities and languages.
Be born again among nations.
Be born again in places of injustice.
Be born again a promise of hope,
a sign of love and joy to the world.
Be born again in our hearts,
that we too might be called
Makers of peace
and Children of God.
From the Green Anglicans Team
Canon Rachel Mash, Bino Makhalanyane, JP Roberts
Image Erzulie Dantoor

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