Mothers’ Union of Zululand learn about home food gardening


During the month of June 13 members from the  Mothers  Union of the Diocese of Zululand joined Mrs Thembsie Mchunu  for a workshop on how to grow their own food. This took place at her home so that the Mothers could see her garden in action ! Mama Thembsie Mchunu is well known in Mothers Union circles in the province and even at the World level – but not everyone knows that she is a passionate food gardener!

 During the four  days training  they learned about the “Farming God’s Way”methodology.  This is an exciting training which links our faith with how we grow food.

For example, on the first day we looked at the importance of using “god’s blanket” ( mulch) and why it is important to always have your soil covered and not exposed to sunlight. Mulching saves water and keeps the soil in good condition. On the second day  we got into how to prepare the land and also the importance of praying and submitting the land to the Creator. Day three was about how to plant your seedlings and the way we should plant each row planning for rotating the harvest, using the leaf, root and fruit techniquet. During day four we learned how to do compost making use of our household waste .

Members were really impressed as we started each lesson with a scripture reference. Also with the help of the Provincial MU office Mrs Mncunu managed to organise  certificates for each participant. They  were able to buy some seedlings that they were divided among them as a starter.   There were some handouts for each day’s work.

We are very grateful for the support of Green Anglicans and the United Thank Offering for this project !

Thembsie Mchunu and Bino Makalanyane

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