#lockdown action: COMPOST MAKING


Composting is a process of turning organic matter that one would normally throw out into something beneficial. Organic food material includes waste such as vegetable waste, fruit waste, egg shells, coffee grinds, tea bags(also known as green waste), basically waste that is not animal based. Composting allows for organic material to turn into a nutrient rich form of soil that can be used to grow healthy plants. Other organic material that is good for composting includes paper products, trimmed grasses, twigs and/or leaves from your lawn and garden (also known as brown waste). Organic waste makes up almost a third  of waste that is thrown away, composting will ensure that these materials are kept out of landfills where they take up space and release harmful greenhouse gases such as methane.



A container (Bucket with lid or plastic bin with lid)

Hammer and nails


Shredded paper/newspaper


Choose a location for your indoor compost bin, the kitchen is a highly recommended location

Make  five evenly spaced holes in the lid of the container for ventilation. Air is  necessary to help the materials in your bin break down.

Add dirt- Start with soil on the bottom and some shredded newspaper on top. Then add kitchen waste like banana peels, coffee grounds, and eggshells everyday as you cook or clean out your fridge.

Stir your compost- Stir the compost about once a week to aerate the mixture. Be sure to put the lid back on tightly to avoid attracting unwanted pests.


If your bin is starting to stink, add dry leaves or newspaper to your pile. This will balance the wet-dry content ratio, controlling any acidic odours.

For quick results: Chop food into small pieces and shred your paper or tear it into thin strips. Smaller items break down quicker

Have a stash of shredded paper or dry leaves readily available: Add a handful or two every time you add food scraps or coffee grounds to your bin. This will keep compost from getting too soggy, as well as provide carbon to your bin.

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