Green Anglican Activists could not put their phones down, for 5 days, and this was all fine! In fact, that was part of the plan. The Green Anglican Team organised a Mobile Journalism (MoJo) Training for, some Green Activist in the Province. This training taught these activists the ins and outs of using their Smart Phones  as a tool to capture important moments on Climate change adaptation, and anything else that is of value. The group consisted of participants from Diocese of Cape Town, ANSOC, Diocese of Mbashe, Diocese of Mthatha and Ecumenical partners.

The Training was facilitated by Dominique , of MoJo. Revd Rachel Mash, Bino Makhalanyane and John-Paul Roberts from Green Anglicans, welcomed us, and made sure everyone was settled.

The agenda went into details of the history of Mobile Journalism, Photography, Videography, the required Shots that make up a great Video, Adding sound, Editing the video, and so much more. The group was paired into twos and the work got practical, with some healthy competition, with Lutho Sigcu from UWC ANSOC, claiming to be the A-Student, as an experienced Content Creator. This fuelled the group, and challenged everyone dearly, in a healthy green way!

We had visitor from The Friends of Zeekoevlei, who gave us the scoop on the challenges of Zeekoevleii, and were kind enough to allow us to interview them for footage for videos for assessments. The training concluded on Day 5, and the participants were tasked with producing two videos each, covering an Adaptation Project in their vicinity.

We look forward to seeing these videos and sharing them with the Environment Family, across the Province and the greater Anglican Communion.

Our goal is to lift up the voices of people impacted by climate change and how they are adapting to those changes. These ideas can then be shared and adopted by others

We are grateful for the support of the Adaptation Network and Australian Anglican Overseas Aid in this project

Melissa Awu, Cape Town