At a wonderful Conference held in Lusaka, Zambia, the Green Anglicans Movement of Africa (AENA) was officially launched!

The Conference was held in a hybrid format due to Covid, with Bishops and young people representing the provinces of  Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, South Sudan, Southern Africa, Congo, West Africa, Uganda Central Africa, and IAMA , with local  hubs being held in Malawi, Zimbabwe, Eswatini, and South Africa

The first day we learned of the Theological Challenge of Climate Change and Environmental degradation from the Archbishop of Kenya, Jackson Ole  Sapit, and Archbishop Chama of Central Africa. We also heard of the scientific challenges from Professor Coleen Vogel of Wits University.  Professor (PLO) Lumumba of Kenya put before us the challenge of Climate Injustice

The second day we heard about what Anglican Provinces are already doing, with case studies from Malawi (waste management), Combatting deforestation (Kenya) and Advocacy (Southern Africa)

We heard from each Province what actions they are taking and what an inspiration it was!

Day three we heard about the global conference with input from the Anglican Communion, and partner organisations as well as an address by Archbishop Thabo (Southern Africa)

Archbishop Julio Murray – chair of the Anglican Communion Environmental Network officially inaugurated the network with a wonderful message and blessing from across the globe in Panama!

The Conference was organized by CAPA (Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa and the Anglican Communion Environmental Network) and we are so very appreciative of the support of the Anglican Communion, Tearfund, and Christian Aid for financial support.


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