Historic Creation Care Joint training for Youth and Sunday School Teachers in Diocese of Swaziland

Historic Creation Care Joint Training for Youth and Sunday school Teachers in Diocese of Swaziland

The Diocese of Swaziland has recorded history on 21-23 February by hosting joint training on Creation Care. This joint training is following the number of resolutions that were passed by the Diocesan Synod in October 2019. Among the many resolutions on environment issues the Diocese of Swaziland passed a resolution that the Youth and Sunday school be taught on environmental issues. The Synod resolved that Ryan the Rhino Sunday School Manual and Youth and Creation Care manual be used as official documents in the Diocese to train youth and Sunday school.

This training attracted a number of youth leaders, Sunday school teachers and youth conveners who all came in their numbers at St Michaels School. The Youth Chaplain and Sunday School Chaplain were also present in their collars to be trained with the young people.  The Diocese of Swaziland officially launched the two manuals as official documents for use in the Diocese of Swaziland. This was done by Rev. Cannon Wandile Dlamini who was representing Bishop Ellinah. The Bishop Representative made the official launch under the theme, “Walking the Extra Mile with our Young Ones on Creation Care”. He emphasised on the importance of involving young people as integral part of the Church which is the body of Christ.

Other presenters at the training were the Environment Chaplain Rev Zama Sigudla. In his presentation he addressed the topic “Creation Care- Why the Church”. In his presentation he based his talk on Genesis 2.15 and stated that Humanity was placed in the Garden of Eden to care and guard the garden. He said up to date that is still the responsibility of Humanity to guard for creation and the Church is better positioned to do that work.  Another speaker was Ms Belusile Mhlanga from Eswatini Environment Authority who shared on the status of the Environment of Eswatini and how climate change has affected various sectors such as water, agriculture, food security, health and other socio-economic sectors. In her presentation she agreed with the previous clerical speakers that indeed God created a beautiful earth which humanity destroyed and the Church is duty bound to take action is restoring the earth.

After the presentations the delegates were split into two groups where group one was for Sunday School Teachers and Group two was for youth Leaders and Youth Conveners. Miss Gugulethu Ngwenya from the Diocese of Mpumalanga facilitated how to teach Sunday school on Creation Care using Ryan the Rhino manual. The Sunday school teachers were fascinated by the energy and enthusiasm from the facilitator as they were converted into Sunday school children in the process. Miss Boipelo Tau from the Diocese of Pretoria facilitated together with Mncedisi Masuku from Diocese of Swaziland the Youth and Creation Care Manual. The youth was fascinated by the interactive nature of the manuals, games and mostly the Debate on energy. Overall the training was a success and history was recorded by joining the youth and Sunday school guild in the Diocese of Swaziland. The two guilds resolved to take the environment ministry to another level moving forward.

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