Growing young green fingers in Lesotho

Young Green Fingers in Lesotho

Members of the Eco – Culture oganisation of the Diocese of Lesotho visited the  Khubetsoana Anglican  High School in Lesotho  from to 6 till 12 February 2023. The school has an eco -club, and Eco culture was running a week long home gardening training.

 Day one saw up to 40 learners from the school gathered in the school hall for the introduction session , with many of them eagerly waiting  to learn more. On day 2 the learners  were taught about  growing mushrooms, which is a plant that does not require much attention since they spend most of their time on school premises, they therefore can take care of them a few minutes of their time. Mushroom production only requires moisture and shaded shelter, which is easy to maintain  and it would be good for their health.

Having noticed that the school has few trees  day 3 was used to teach the learns  about fruit trees production, to green the school and provide fruit in years to come

On day 4 the Eco – culture team discussed  food preservation with the learners ,  this was brought by the amount of food waste due to high production especially for perishable foods like tomatoes, cabbage, peppers etc. this was under the theme “Preservation of food helps prepare for difficult times”.

Day 5 was on  Bee keeping were the learners were taught about how,  bees are good for our  health and produce products that can be used in different industries.

On the last day the Eco-culture team focused on environmental issues. Sometimes  young  people  think this is not relevant to them, but the team used  activities that included art and environment, showing the role art plays in passing the message to the society. Music, fashion, modelling etc, how artists advocate for the protection of the environment and improvement of livelihoods for their own people using their talents .

Due to weather constraints the practical part could not take place however both the school and Eco-culture team have agreed to having one Friday every month to engage the club in practical works.

We are appreciative for the support of the United Thank Offering for this programme and for Australian overseas Aid for training of Climate yes

Bino Makhalanyane