On Friday the 1st of April 2022 the Green Anglicans Movement in Southern Africa together with the Anglican Diocese of Cape Town launched the “Green Teens Climate Activist” programme aimed at empowering teenagers from Cape Town and surrounding areas on issues of climate change and how they can become future Eco-warriors, who advocate for the protection of our environment both for this generation and those to come. 

The day started of with some singing which led to the opening devotion led by Rev Shaun Cozett (Diocese of Cape Town Environmental Coordinator), under the theme of ‘Joining the trend so others might know’, we then moved on with getting to know each other by means of  an ice-breaker led by Ms Mel Awu, who is from St Paul’s Rondebosch and part of Toastmaster International and a very good public speaker. 

The teens had to introduce themselves , tell us about their favourite bible verse and hints on how to save our planet and fight Climate Change. Amongst other things the teens warned us to stop burning our waste as the fumes are very toxic and dangerous, others encouraged buying of good quality second hand clothing which in turn saves us money and avoids clothing waste, many other ideas were shared and what came on top was community urban transformation clean ups (most of our teen are from communities which have illegal dumping sites). 

Ms Mitchelle Mhaka from African Climate Alliance blessed us with a wonderful talk on why we are called to serve and to fight climate change and what the bible calls us to do. That Jesus in his own right was a radical activist. Caring about social and political reforms that helped the oppressed. It was inspiring to hear how God called so many teenagers in the Bible!

The day was closed with a vote of thanks and what is expected from the teens by Rev Dr Rachel Mash.

Story – J.P Roberts

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