GBFS – Called to care for Creation


Girls Friendly Society is one of the oldest organisations in the Anglican Communion. They are focusing on three themes for a three year period: Praise and Worship, Gender Based Violence and Climate Change

The GBFS held their South African National Conference in Paarl, and invited Rev Rachel Mash to share on the topic of Climate Change

The session started with an enthusiastic singing of “Be green in the corner where you are”

She shared the impact of climate change in South Africa. Firstly we are seeing flooding – just before Easter 500 people (including one GBFS member) lost their lives due to the ‘rain bomb’ that fell. As the oceans warm we get more evaporation and so we are seeing these torrential rains.

The other impact is drought – as the earth dries up – as we saw with ‘Day Zero’ in Cape Town and now Gqeberha is affected.  These droughts are then followed by fires and the trees and vegetation become too dry.

We are also seeing the impacts of plastic pollution – by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans!

Due to climate change people lose their lives and homes, we see a drop in crops which will lead to rising food prices and loss of jobs.

So what can we do as Christians?

We must remember that we are called to renew the face of the earth – we do not have a Planet B to go to!

We need to become the activists – changing our actions but also inspiring and challenging others.

God called Noah to build an ark – people thought he was a crazy person, but he saved the human race and all creatures.

Now God is calling on us as to be crazy Noahs in the area where we live  – act local, fight plastic, don’t waste water and electricity, but also think global, get involved in marches, and be the climate activist. People may laugh at you and think you are crazy like Noah – but God is calling you!

Ngena Noah!!

Photo credit Zodwa Makhehle

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