#fast4earth Save energy and avoid peak hour

#Fast4earth Save Electricity and avoid peak usage

‘To serve and protect the Earth” Gen 2: 15

What is Peak demand and why does it matter? Peak demand is when electricity demand is the highest (everyone comes back from work and starts cooking supper).  For instance in South Africa it is 5pm to 7pm and 6am to 8am when everyone is getting ready for work, and water is being heated for showers.  At peak times, the electricity company has to bring additional power online and this is more expensive , for instance they might bring on diesel power etc.

So this is a simple way to do your bit to protect the environment.  If you have timers for washing machines, water heaters etc then put them on out of peak time during the night is best if possible. In some places too, off peak energy is cheaper so you might find a saving.

Practice everyday conservation such as washing clothes in cold water, turning off lights and fans, and changing making sure filters are regularly changed if you have aircom

If you need to replace an appliance, look for an energy star certified product, you will save  a lot of electricity over the next decade or so and do your bit for the planet too!.

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