#fast4earth Reporting dumping, water leaks


“Speak up for those who have no voice” Prov 31:8

One of the most important things that we can do to prevent illegal dumping and water leaks, is to make sure that we know the how to report these issues and what are the contact details.

It is often quite difficult to find out who to report to, you can hunt on your municipality website, or if there is someone in your congregation who works for the municipality , ask them to find out for you.

Even when you have the correct email address or contact number, you will often have to contact them multiple times.  The best is to get a group of different people reporting the issue, to raise it up the municipality’s priority list.

Share the contact details on your community whatsapp or facebook group or your church group.

Tag your councillor when you post pictures of the problem on Facebook and social media.

And if you get nowhere  then the next stage it to go to the press, that will normally get some action!!

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