#Fast4earth Read an environmental book

#FAST4EARTH Read an environmental book
“Oh that my words were written!
Oh that they were inscribed in a book! Job 19:23′
Here are some books for download, either for free or at a very low cost
Pope Francis Laudato Si – on Care for our common home.(free download)
This a must read, wonderful theology and very inspiring. It is easy to read and use as a devotional book.
Rachel Carson, Silent Spring (free download)
This is a classic documenting the detrimental effects of pesticide aerial spraying on the environment and the long-term effects on animal and human health. Its publication led to a U.S. ban on DDT and inspired an environmental movement that led to the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
Al Gore, six drivers of climate change (free download)
Flight behaviour Barbara Kingsolver (Free download)
University professor Ovid Byron arrives to study the monarch butterflies, and warns that although they are beautiful, they are a disturbing symptom of global climate change, displaced from their established winter habitat in Mexico, and that they may not survive the harsh Tennessee winter.
A wonderful children’s book about combatting tree cutting
Grove Books has a wonderful collection of Green Titles (about 3 pounds/ ZAR70 ) JRI has kindly listed them here:
E 198 COVID-19: Environment, Justice and the Future by Ruth Valerio, Martin J. Hodson, Margot R. Hodson & Timothy Howles.
E 196 The Book of Job and Environmental Ethics: The Message from the Whirlwind by John J. Bimson
E 194 The Plant-based Diet: A Christian Option? by Mia Smith
E 192 Responding Faithfully to the Environmental Crisis: Christianity at the Time of the Anthropocene by Timothy Howles.
E 184 An Introduction to Environmental Ethics by Martin J. Hodson & Margot R. Hodson.
E 177 The Ethics of Climatic Scepticism by Martin J. Hodson & Margot R. Hodson
E 169 Urban Eco-mission: Healing the Land in the Post-industrial City by Paul Ede
E 165 Hope for the Ocean: Marine Conservation, Poverty Alleviation and Blessing the Nations by Robert D. Sluka
E 161 Uncovering Isaiah’s Environmental Ethics by Margot R. Hodson
E 151 Animal Rights, Human Responsibilities? by David Williams
E 149 Caring for Creation: Part of our Gospel Calling? by Stella Simiyu & Peter Harris
E 148 Tenants in God’s Land: Earth-keeping and People-keeping in the Old Testament by Iain Provan
E 114 Genetic Engineering for a New Earth: Theology and Ethics of the New Biology by Celia Deane-Drummond
B 50 The Earth is the Lord’s: A Biblical Response to Environmental Issues by Hilary Marlow
ED 24 Changing the Climate by Adrian Brown.
MEv 127 Forest Church: Earthed Perspectives on the Gospel by Cate Williams
S 136 Into the Garden: Cultivation as a Tool for Spiritual Formation and Community Renewal by Rachel Woods
W 238 How to Celebrate Creation by Ian Tarrant
W 137 Making Creation Visible: God’s Earth in Christian Worship by Andrew Pearson
Y 42 Creation—Steps to Sustainability: Tackling Environmental Issues with Young People by Wayne Talbot
With thanks to John Ray Initiative for this great list of books.
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