#Fast4earth PLAN A HIKE


“Arise, walk about the land through its length and breadth Gen 13:17”

Rather than taking your family to the shopping mall for an outing, why not plan a hike.  A hike is different from ‘going for a walk’ – it should really get your heart rate going and make you feel you got somewhere! Hiking is about seeing the world at a human-powered speed — not the speed of a car. When we move at 5km  per hour, our eyes, body, and brain operate at a pace where we can really notice things.

You may be lucky and be able to access nature either by car or public transport, but for others that is more difficult. The word “hiking,” usually conjures images of mountain ranges, sandyt paths, or forest trails. But what if you live in a concrete jungle and communing with nature isn’t an option? Why not go  on an urban hike!

Urban hiking combines the best of the outdoors with some of your city’s greatest sights. Like a traditional hike, you get the health benefits of walking— boosting the immune function, counteracting weight gain, you’ll get to discover new areas and neighborhoods that you may never have explored otherwise.

You might  not have hills or mountain trails in your city, you can still boost the cardio effect by taking stairs as often as possible. These concrete “hills” will get your heart rate up just like the  climbs you get in a wilderness setting.

Hiking should take you to places  that are different from what you see every day. Urban hiking stimulates you to see and do something new. Notice the architecture and sometimes there is amazing graffiti! Give thanks for the presence of parks and have a picnic there or treat yourself to something to eat or drink

Pack some snacks and water in a school backpack, put on a sunhat, pop on your mask – remember social distancing and you are ready to roll!

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