#fast4earth Organise a community clean up

#fast4earth Organise a street clean up

Be transformed by the renewal of your mind, Romans 12:2

Its not my rubbish! People say, but it is my street, it is my community. One of the great things about organising a clean up is that it makes people much more aware of the rubbish that is out there and that they may be dropping too.

In these times when we have been isolated it is a good way to see fellow community members (if this is allowed in your country)

Remember to abide by the COVID restrictions of your country. Wear masks, keep social distancing. It is important that you organise gloves or each person brings. Another option is for each person to use a plastic carrier bag for picking up.

Prepare a post and put it on your community whatsapp or facebook group  -and see who pitches! Or you might like to get the kids involved with writing invitations and drop them in the neighbours post box.

Maybe there is another community organisation you can invite to boost numbers.

If there is a place that is always used for illegal dumping, then come up with a plan to transform it, otherwise I will become a dumpsite a couple of days later. Ask people to share water wise plants from their gardens or put down stones/bricks painted white. Or you can close off the area with old tyres . Turn it into a place of beauty! Post a before and and after picture on your social media


 Remember the four Rs  Reduce, Reuse, recycle REJOICE!

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