#fast4earth Give to a good cause

Today the challenge is to choose a good cause that is close to your heart with the money saved by not buying junk food. It might be a feeding scheme, education project, conservation project, there are so many
Spend time as a family choosing which one and then note down how much money you save each time you pass on junk food this Lent. You will be amazed how much it adds up to by the end of the month!
Then look at other ways you can support the charity of your choice. Here are a few ways
1. Donate your time
You might be able to go physically to the project, it is great to do this as a family project with the kids.
2. Donate your skills
You might offer to help them with social media or photography skills, or accounting skills, or practical skills like painting, mending children’s clothes – there are so many skills that can be useful.
3 Organise a fundraiser
This might be as simple as the kids baking goodies to sell. You can look at Backabuddy – which helps you fundraise for a cause www.backabuddy.co.za
4. Donate your stuff
Do give away to a good cause, but make sure that it is items that the organisation really needs. Otherwise they end up sorting through piles of junk and trying to get rid of it.
5. Give while you buy
Many companies will allow you to donate as you buy- for instance in SA , woolworths has “my school and Community” card – which raises funds for your charity. Pick and Pay allows to you give smart shopper points to a charity of your choice etc. some credit cards allow you to do the same.
6. Donate your tax refund
If you get a tax refund, consider donating some or all of it. Some of your donations may even be tax deductible for next year!
7. Ask for gift donations
If your friends and family ask you for birthday or holiday gift ideas, you can ask them to donate to your favorite charity instead.

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