#fast4earth Find or create a natural space for prayer and Meditation

March 1 Find or create a natural spot to pray or meditate

Then the LORD God provided a vine and made it grow up over Jonah to give shade for his head to ease his discomfort, and Jonah was very happy about the vine. Jonah 4:6

Today try to find or create a natural spot to pray or meditate, during your Lenten journey. Studies have shown that adding just a little bit of nature into your life can help relieve stress. So whether it be growing a plant in your back yard in a tyre or pot, or creating a corner in your bedroom with an indoor pot plant and some light from the window, combining nature and prayer is a good practice. Try to get away from your desk and create a more meditative environment

Spending even a few minutes a day in prayer or meditation can restore your calm and inner peace. When life is hectic we are often tempted to drop our daily prayers because we are rushing too much. That should actually be the time when we prioritise our daily prayers as it will help us to cope better with a busy, stressed day.

Before you start your prayers (talking to God) make time for silence (listening to God). Some people find that sacred music helps to concentrate.

A growing body of scientists support the health benefits of a time of meditation and prayer, to reduce anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, tension headache and sleep problems.

So, firstly remove yourself from distractions such as cell phone, TV, laptop etc.

Create a space where you can relax, either outside  where there is a tree or plants for shade, or bring a plant into your room.  You might like to place a candle, icon, sacred picture there too.

Focus your attention on your breathing, or the candle, or repeat a verse of Scripture over and over. Listening to sacred music such as Taize chants is also helpful.  

Spend some time just in breathing deeply, feeling the presence of God, breathing out the stresses of the day and breathing in the healing presence of God.  Then turn to your prayers and Scripture reading as normal.



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