Have a look at your church practices using paper (bulletins, minutes, service sheets) Which could be done electronically?

Pew leaflets/bulletins. Generally there is an emailing list or the church has a whatsapp group. Consider sending them out and just making a few copies for the back of the church for those who don’t have

Minutes: these can be circulated electronically – set up a whatsapp group for the committee that is meeting or circulate on email

Services: Sometimes it is necessary to print out the service sheet in the case of a special service, But please remember that people do have their Prayer books, so it is only necessary to print the parts that are not in the prayer book.. This can save many pages of printing. Make sure the margins are small and that you are printing double sided.

Data projectors: If your church has a data projector then you really don’t need to be using paper at all, as all the songs, liturgy, notices etc can go up on the screen.

Other forms: Set up google forms for baptism, confirmation etc. You might need some paper ones for those who aren’t quite sure how to use them or don’t have a smart phone.

What can be done electronically?