Diocese of Cape Town Hike

On the 19th of March 2023 the Cape Town Diocesan YPM hosted a hike, Table Mountain. Where the motivation was to bring the Young people of the Diocese together. The hike event was attended by organisations with or under the Diocesan YPM structure also including the ANSOC of the 3 Universities in the Western Cape. 

We received a homily from our Diocesan YPM Coordinator, Jesse Pastor in the Transfiguration passage, Matthew 17 V1-9, where we were reminded that whenever we face some challenges and tribulations as Young People it is important that we have some time alone. 

The perfect place to gather yourself as a person is the mountain as you will get time to retreat and reboots to your full capacity, as Christ has demonstrated in many passages in the Gospels. It is indeed a reality that we as young people are dealing with a lot in our daily lives and being in peace and silence and connecting with nature is very important. 

Such gathering are important for the young people so that we are able to distress from situations that we are facing and connect with ourselves.

Fun was had, moments of laughter was shared on the journey of going up, for some it was the first time hiking, and it was not an easy journey however the support amongst the group was exceptional and as a result everyone made it without any injuries.

Article by Sivenathi Mabena