On Saturday the 30 of October members of the “Water Disciples” visited the Intaka Island in the centre of Century City Cape Town. The area is a restored wetland where there are a large variety of birds.

 The day started off with a silent meditation – ‘Church in Creation’  led by Rev Dr. Mash, during this time members had an opportunity to connect with nature while enjoying the beautiful sounds from the singing birds and running water from the canals .  We reflected on scriptures and poems on the theme of water, and connected with the spiritualty of our baptism water. One of the group, Sikelela said:” This exercise allowed me to reconnect with my inner being as I  comes from a loud busy community, where one can’t help it but become busy as well”.

One of the rangers took members on a tour of the island where we learned about how the area is conserved, the movement of the wetlands and the their importance in cleaning and purifying the water.

 Members also got a talk on how one can become an environmental conservationist and what to look at to pursue this career.

The day ended off with a guided boat ride around the wetlands, witnessing the different birds and learning more around how birds behave in the wild. Many of the members said they mostly come to the Canal Walk Mall, to get away from their communities ,  but did not know just a few meters away lies this beautiful space where one can come and have a quiet or bird identifying day, and this is a very good place to destress, for your mental and spiritual wellness

The Water Disciples is a programme set up to respond to the need to protect the aquifers and ground water in Cape Town. Following the devastating “Day Zero’ drought many people put in boreholes and ground water may become unsustainably used. It is also being polluted. The Water disciples programme seeks to bring awareness of groundwater to the faith communities.

Oh, feed me this day, Holy Spirit, with
the fragrance of the fields and the
freshness of the waters  which you have
made, and help me to hear and to hold
in all dearness those exacting and wonderful
words of our Lord Jesus Christ, saying:
Follow me.

(Mary Oliver)

The Water Disciples programme is supported by WWF-SA

Bino Makhalanyane

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