Christ Church Constantia, the power is in their hands!


CCC green team
The Christ Church “Green Team” together with Fr Terry Lester receive their Energy 100 award


In 2012, Rev Terry Lester asked the Christ Church Green Team to conduct an energy audit “because I want to know what we are spending our money on!” This audit was conducted by SAFCEI and looked at electricity and water usage. Fifteen people gathered to measure water and electricity usage in a simple, fun workshop. The initiative was spearheaded and promoted by Mariette Dauberton and her “green team”

The following actions have been taken as a result of the audit which raised awareness.

Geysers: Following the audit, we realized that there was one hot water cylinder which was turned on 24/7 which was not being used!! This has been switched off. The geyser in the kitchen has been turned off and is only turned on for functions. Left over water from the urn is used to wash dishes.

Urns: For events, two urns are used, they were often left on for an hour or so and now they are being switched off once they have boiled. They have now been insulated.

Lighting: We also discovered that a very large portion (53%) of the energy usage was because of lighting. Exco moved quickly and agreed to replace the energy guzzling security lights with LEDs. These were replaced with motion sensors. This is leading to a saving of R2000 per month!!!

Water: Bricks were added to each cistern to reduce water flow in the toilets. We are mulching the garden now to reduce water loss through evaporation

Heating: We have purchased blankets to keep people nice and cosy in the church during winter.
Christ Church Constantia received an Energy 100 certificate for the implementation of energy saving actions from the Green Bishop, Bishop Geoff from SAFCEI.

At the ceremony Father Terry shared his memories of childhood in the Constanta Valley. As a child he remembers helping his grandmother to prepare compost from cuttings and poultry droppings. He reflected that we need to return to care for God’s earth in the way that our grandparents taught us.


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  1. Really proud of you Christ Church it’s so good to hear you are using God’s money wisely, well done. We all need to do this

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