Care for Creation in Grahamstown Diocese

On  Saturday 14th of March, the Grahamstown Diocese hosted a  workshop St. Michael’s and St  George’s Cathedral hall in  Grahamstown, this day saw  35 attendees and we were honoured with ta delegation from the Provincial College of the Transfiguration (CoTT). We were warmly welcomed by Rev Gwen Mvula (the Diocesan Environmental Coordinator ) on behalf of the Diocese. We began by asking attendees to write down their expectations for the workshop, this was done to ensure that , the workshop would move towards what the attendees are expecting at the end of the day, most of the attendees wanted to achieve knowledge on “Environment and Church” and Empowerment of Youth/Children Ministry leaders.

One key thing we always focus on is to create compassion amongst youth and children Ministry leaders, this enables them to pass on the knowledge and conduct lessons using the two manuals namely Ryan the Rhino for Children) and Care for Creation for teenagers, with more passion as they too can relate . We took time to look at the methodologies for each lesson plan as this plays a big role in the quality of the outcomes. And together did a few lessons which where inclusive of the methodologies.

A big thank you Rev Gwen for having to organize this special day, Dean Andrew and mama Claire for hosting us.


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