Anglican Students Plant trees for Arbour month

Anglican Students plant trees for Arbour month

The Anglican Students’ Federation  called on all regions to  plant a tree to commemorate arbour month (September). To lead in society one must be aware of the problems facing society which are not limited to inequality. Our world is in danger much more today than in the past, the effects of pollution, deforestation, drainage of wetlands can be seen in the changing and severe weather pattern we experience coupled with earthquakes and shifts in rain seasons. ASF Western Cape wanted to teach its members about the state of our planet, effects of destroying our planet, and how we can sustain our planet for future generations to enjoy.

Green Anglicans answered ASF WC’s call for trees and liturgical resources (which we obtained through their website: With their help ASF planted a tree at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology’s Bellville and Cape Town Campuses and at the University of the Western Cape. This was a special day enriching our future as well as taking part in creating better living conditions in our society.  Paying sincere gratitude to all members who participated on the day as well as the Environmental Network, for we were blessed with this earth to utilise and look after. As God has called all of us be custodians of his people, so that the plants and every living species in the world and his mercy shall endure forever. –Ncumisa Magadla: ASF Western Cape Region

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