67 minutes for the Earth , for Mandela Day

67 Minutes for the Earth for  Mandela Day

On the 18th of July to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s birthday, the call was for people to celebrate the 67 years of public service with 67 minutes of working for the earth

This year with COVID-19, the actions had to be a bit different, and many did #separatebuttogether events during the course of the day to avoid large groups

Auriel from St Joseph’s Macassar hosted a Mandela day event at a park where they  do a  soup kitchen. Cleaned the rubbish, rescued the plants that were overgrown by weeds and ended the day with lunch and party packets.

Members from St Timothy’s factreton and  Good Shepherd Kensington planted Avos from Anglicans!

Members of  St Stephens Pinelands joined the #separatebuttogether  spekboom planting on the Elsies Kraal river and others picked up litter and bottles from the river

The Bernard Mizeki guild (mens guild ) from Eluvukweni Church in Crossroads did a big plastic bottle sort out for their recycling fundraising project

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