The Spirit moving at Chrism Mass

The Diocese of False Bay responded to the call made at Lambeth to take part in the Anglican Communion Forest by planting trees and restoring eco-systems by weaving this into the spiritual life of the church.

The Environmental Coordinator of the Diocese, Rev Deon McDillon sourced trees from the Department of Forestry and Fisheries, so that every parish and chapelry could receive a tree to plant. 

 The tree can be planted on the church ground or a suitable place that will reflect our commitment to this call. Bishop Margaret blessed the trees before they were handed out to the different parishes. After Bishop Margaret blessed the trees, we discussed how emotional we both became. I thought it was because this was the Bishops last Chrism service before she retires but then we realised it was the Holy Spirit that moved us as we were doing something positive for the environment.


Rev Deon McDillon