Side events with Anglicans at COP8

Faiths for a just transition: bottom up and systemic approaches from affected communities

Archbishop Julio (Panama) Rev Melanie Mullen (TEC)

Listen to stories which describe how faith communities are an important part of the transition we all need climate Justice. Faith communities must step up with their narratives of a just future of an equitable future.


Intergenerational Dialogue on the Role of Youth in Adaptation

Listen in with a youth panel drawn from Climate YES! & Tearfund – Mandisa Gumada (SA) and Erica Bagenzi (Rwanda). Green jobs and a green future.


Inspiration and Learning from Indigenous Communities

Archbishop Julio (Panama) Anglican Communion Environmental Network. 

This webinar provides an opportunity to learn from indigenous communities and to hear indigenous perspectives on the climate crisis and to discover the challenges Indigenous people, especially the Guna people in Panama, face every day. 

Anglican Communion Council – Inspiration and Learning from Indigenous Communities


A Case Study in Faith-Based Advocacy and Witness

The Gwichʼin (or Kutchin) are Athabascan-speaking First Nations people of Canada and Alaska, USA. They live in the northwestern part of North America, mostly north of the Arctic Circle. Discover the story of Episcopal Church advocacy and allyship over many years. 

Inclusive Capitalism — The Moral and Market Imperatives of a Just Transition

With Archbishop Julio

A presentation by the Council for Inclusive Capitalism. As negotiations are already taking place on just transition, what are the implications for faith communities? What are the market and moral imperatives? 


Practical Faith leadership in addressing climate change 

Rev Christine Trainer – Abu Dhabi

A very specific leadership is needed to address climate change. Such leadership includes faith communities. This Webinar explores such leadership actually works


Faiths for Biodiversity – Climate and Nature: Strengthening Advocacy and Action

With Nicholas Pande, Anglican Alliance (Kenya) with Interfaith Power and Light

There is powerful work happening from faith communities all over the world. Nature and the climate crisis are deeply interconnected and the science shows that we cannot solve one without the other. 


Exploring faith resistance to climate change

Vanessa Nakate with Archbishop Julio

Interfaith Rainforest Initiative – Religions in Action for Forests, Climate and Indigenous Peoples


Anglican Communion & WCC – Faith communities have a moral imperative to address climate justice

With Archbishop Julio and Nicholas Pande

Faith Scripture and living in ecological balance

With Rev Rachel Taber Hamilton



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