After a Lent retreat reflecting on WORLD WATER DAY the Green Anglicans of Inhambane continued with our activity (restoration of Mangal on the Seaside of Chambone Mission).

 Today the activity was attended by Ven. Micaias Caessa Diocesan Coordinator of Green Anglicans- Anglican Diocese of Inhambane and Bishop Emanuel Capeta-Provincial President of the Commission on Climate Change and Environment. So far we count 550 Mangrove  seedlings planted….

We continue to count on the collaboration and support of each of you!

Provincial Coordinator of Green Anglicans

Father Aurelio Uqueio

Mangroves are a group of trees and shrubs that grow in coastal areas in tropical and subtropical regions. They play a vital role in protecting our coastlines from erosion and  storm surges,. They also provide habitat and nursery grounds for many fish species and other marine life, including endangered species. Additionally, mangroves store carbon in their roots and sediments, helping to mitigate the effects of climate change. Overall, mangroves are essential for maintaining healthy coastal ecosystems and are important to many local communities who rely on them for their livelihoods.

Depois de um Retiro Quaresmal refletindo sobre o DIA MUNDIAL DA ÁGUA (22/03), demos a continuidade com a nossa actividade (repovoamento do Mangal na Orla Marítima da Missão Chambone). Hoje a actividade contou com a presença do Ven. Micaias Caessa Coordenador Diocesano dos Anglicanos Verdes- Diocese Anglicana de Inhambane e do Bispo Emanuel Capeta-Presidente Provincial da Comissão das Mudanças Climáticas e Meio-Ambiente. Contabilizamos até este momento 550 mudas de Mangais já plantadas….

Continuamos a contar com a colaboração e apoio de cada um de vós!

Coordenador Provincial dos Anglicanos Verdes

Padre Uqueio