Eco Forest Hang Out in Lesotho


Eco-Culture Organization (care for creation desk in the Diocese of Lesotho) launched their 2023 yearly theme, forests and tree protection and preservation.

The was celebrated on the first of January.  Activities that took place included planting of trees by the Eco-Culture, government agencies and artists in Lesotho. Local artists graced the event with beautiful live music performances.

The event was an awareness raising event, which aimed to invite everyone in taking part in taking care of Mother Earth. The venue of the event was a degraded  forest and the aim was to get everyone to see the sadness that the forest sufferers.

The long term plan is to salvage this forest in Maseru. This was a vision born  following the Communion Forest launch at Lambeth Conference which calls all Dioceses to care for creation, which is also promoting the 5th mark of mission, “striving to safeguard the integrity of creation, and renew the life of earth”.

2023 is the year of taking action against environmental injustices.

. Eco-Culture’s theme for 2023 is Tree and Forest protection as we celebrate 202tree!

You will not protect what you dont love!

Kuleile Mokhitli