Earth day hike: A Green Future is a prosperous Future

Earth Day Hike: A green Future is a prosperous Future!


The youth of St Michaels Church in Harare, Khayelitsha were challenged to learn more about nature and how to preserve it on an Earth Day hike

36 Young people including 4 leaders (Siliziwe Maka, Anele Maku, Solomzi Nyezi & Qhayiya Mjali)from the Parish of St. Michaels and All Angels,Harare took time to enjoy and appreciate nature on earth day by hiking Cecilia Forest via the waterfalls.The hike was a fun day and an educational event about naturing, appreciating and preserving nature. The young people took time walking and enjoying the beautiful scenery saroundend by trees, fresh air, beautiful waterfalls and beautiful Cape Town views. The weather was chilli with light rain which made the day even more beautiful. Our facilitator Solomzi Nyezi facilitated activities which engaged and educated the young people. Young people expressed that they would like to know more be more educated about how they could live their day to day lives preserving nature.

 St. Michael’s is very grateful to Green Anglicans for the support. “We got to experience some peace and tranquility. The hike was fantastic and the view, the scenery was breathtakingly beautiful! The trail was much easier than expected.”this is some of the feed back from the young people. Hopefully in the future we will be more involved and active “green anglicans.”

We worshipped God our Creator  through song, and the hike was also a reminder and a lesson about the journey of life and Young people were reminded to Keep on Moving
“Life is, in a lot of different ways, like a long and challenging trail” As we trek the journey we call life, we, far too often, easily give up on our dreams and hopes, overwhelmed by challenges, disappointment or rejection. But on the hiking trail, you’ll learn that as long as you’re putting one foot in front of the other, you are getting somewhere”.

by  Siliziwe Maka

We are very grateful for the support of the United Thank Offering for this project of educating youth