Diocese of Zambezia plants mango trees

The Diocese of Zambezia in Mozambique is impacted by frequent flooding. They have embarked on a tree growing program, with parisioners planting mangoes. This will provide fruit for families as well as preventing soil erosion and flooding  This is part of the Communion forest Initiative

Here is their report:

The Diocese of Zambézia is a newly formed Anglican Diocese in the Province of Zambézia (Mozambique) created from the mother Diocese of Niassa. The Diocese is located in Quelimane as the Centre. And there’s Rev. Vicente Msosa as Bishop of the Diocese since August 2021

A total of 2400 seedlings (2300 mango and 100 Pine) were received through a local supplier at Milange broader and Distributed in 4 parishes of the ecclesiastic districts of Milange, Mocuba, Quelimane and Molumbo.


Exercise of Trees planting in the Diocese of Zambezia

All mango seedlings were planted in the compound of our churches and Pine seedlings were planted in Milange at church plot using technical instructions from our   brother Charles Bakolo,  

Below is a detailed summary of seedling how was distributed and planted.

January 2023 – 200 trees (Milange, Mocuba,Molumbo and Mongue)

April 2023 – 300 trees (Milange, Milange. Mongue, Mocuba, gile,Ile, Quelimane)

Sadly the  1800 seedlings in March were  destroyed by Cyclone Freddy before they could be planted.



Activities Accomplished and Project Impact

The Green Zambezia Project intended to facilitate environmental reparation through tree planting and promotion of conservation Agriculture in communities around parishes in the Diocese of Zambezia.

Activities undertaken during the planting the trees include,

  • Transport Seedlings from Malawi to the designated planting place in the diocese of Zambezi.
  • Representation process to the Government and Traditional Leaders
  • Identification of intended parishes.
  • Distribution of seedlings
  • Planting the seedings
  • Follow up


We are greatful for the support of the United Thank Offering