Climate Yes Lesotho –  Protecting our common home

Twenty one young people representing eight different organisations came together for a Climate Yes! (youth Ecumenical Summit) workshop held in the Berea district of Lesotho – a Teyateyaneng.

The focus of the workshop was climate justice and sustainable solutions. We raised awareness of the impacts of climate change, climate smart agriculture and the importance of climate justice. We also looked at mitigation and adaptation.

The workshop serves as an important platform for raising awareness to the youth about climate change and the transition to renewable energy. It also emphasized the importance of climate justice, especially in ensuring the inclusion of vulnerable communities in climate action planning and implementation, by promoting climate smart agricultural practices and the role of youth in the transition of renewable energy

It is my hope that the workshop will inspire participants to take meaningful action in their respective areas to combat climate change and work towards a more sustainable future.

We followed up with a cleaning campaign held on the 15th of Dec  2023

 Reabetsoe Sidwell Ntoi