16th June Commemoration in Zululand


The Zululand Diocesan Youth Guild   held it’s 16 June commemoration conference on the 23 till 25 June 2023 at  Zwelithini High School in eShowe, during which just over 500 young people from across the diocese attended .

The conference brought about high levels of environmental understanding. Young people learnt a lot about the environment and below will share some of the things that out stood the presentation.

Humans are part of the environment, the better the environment the better we are. The environment reflects us as humans. The environment is responsive of how we work with the it. Are we working in harmony with the environment? is a frequent question we should ask ourselves. Taking care of the environment is everyone’s’ ministry.

When God had created all He then said it is good and the question is who are we to deteriorate what God created passionately and deemed good. With such comprehension it should dawn to us that we will account on how we treated God beautiful creation when the Day comes. Great stewardship begins from taking care and optimising the immediate environment.

There was a planting of a tree as part of the Anglican Communion Forest

By: Cyanda Ngubane

Photo Credit : Sanele Mchunu