The Wolfgat Nature reserve hiking experience



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IMG_20170429_102640_2On Saturday the 29th of April 2017, Green Anglican hosted a hike at Wolfgat Nature reserve.  Beginning with an opening prayer, Rev Rachel Mash mentioned the importance of embracing, loving and being part of nature.   We roughly had 50 young people from, St Pauls Phillipi, Eluvukweni, St Faith, Epping and Westridge Christ the Redeemer.

Kondowe who was our hiking guard, lead through a session of nature awareness, teaching especially the youth about the importance of diversity and eco systems. He later showed all of us the number of nature reserves along False Bay which can be used hiking among other activities.

The hiking trail is laid out beautifully with sand dunes winding through from Talfesig to the beach, False Bay. Just when you reach the ocean, you can almost notice the difference, between where people normally sit and where there is just animals, it is very clean and untouched.

Selwyn encouraged all of us to make use of these resources, as some of them could be great for camps, conferencing and workshops, and the best part is that some of them can be used for free.   With all that being said, he also mentioned that, it becomes tricky when our nature reserves are not as safe as we would like them to be. Wolfgat is one of those, located in area commonly known for crime, the hiking trail is rather unpopular and underused.

However, the hike went very well, ended with a picnic by the beach and everyone changed into their swimming gear and went on for the waves.




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