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Forty four youth (and recycled youth!) joined the first Green Anglicans hike of the year. It is always great to start the year off with some physical activity and this year we explored Tygerberg Hill Nature Reserve. Most of us has seen the large Radio & TV antennae on the hill, as we drive along  the N1 highway…but few have probably been able to get up close to it.

We started our hike  with a prayer and a short intro to the importance of only leaving “our footprints” to preserve the hiking trail for everyone to enjoy.

We took  the “Duiker Trail” which leads towards the small dam in the reserve…


One of the highlights of the trail was seeing a Cape Weaver bird’s nest suspended quite high from one of the trees. After hiking for about one and a half hours the group we reached the top of Tygerberg Hill to the great  relief of those hikers who were panting all the way to the top!


We were rewarded with a spectacular view of Table Mountain, Devils Peak, Lions Head , Signal Hill  and   Robben Island. All at one go…wow!!!!


We serve an awesome God, who created all this..let’s appreciate and take of it!! Join us on our next ‘Green Anglicans hike” 23rd of April as we climb Lion’s head – one of the most beautiful hikes ever!!
Neil Adams

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  1. jennifer kleinsmith says:

    thanks neil had an awesome walk

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