20 February: Make a list of items you waste



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Tess Corkish, Australia “Australia is a country where we have an incredibly high quality of life, so we are so protected from the worst impacts of climate change. We are much more likely to be responsible for climate change than to feel its effects. This is incredibly unjust. We will grow in spirit when we take responsibility for the environmental problems we cause.”

Take responsibility. Make a list of the items you throw away today. Identify wasteful items you can eliminate from your daily habits


Studies have shown that making a written plan for changes you want to make increases the likelihood of achieving them. Apply this principle to reduce the amount of waste you generate.

  • Start by keeping a written diary of items you throw away.
  • Identify wasteful items that you habitually use and would like to eliminate.
  • Write a plan for how you’ll change your wasteful habits.
  • Check in with your plan after a week or two to evaluate your progress.

As a heading for your log, write this statement to inspire and guide you:

“Make a serious commitment to respect and protect creation, to be attentive to every person, to counter the culture of waste.”


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